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Season 4 Heroes RPG - Canon Based RPG
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This game starts where episode 4:5 Tabula Rasa ends. Until that point all characters have been totally canon to the show. This means all powers, locations, relationships...are canon, and can only change through game play. The goal is to play slowly, while exploring the characters, their relationships and how they impact the world around them. Only canon Heroes characters may play.

Only canon Heroes characters may play.

No dead characters. No OCs. You must join seas4heroesooc.

1 – Each character must have their own LJ.

2 – Activity you must be involved in at least one (1) active thread a month, per character, to keep your character.

3 - Understudies - If you cannot RP for a couple of weeks, please ask another player to be your understudy and fill in as your character. If you don't ask, the mods will.

4 – Character Limit – you can play up to two (2) characters in the game. They must all be kept Active.

5 – Fanfic – feel free to post fanfic on the comm, but only if you want the fic to become part of your character’s canon. Post non-canon fic on the OOC comm.

6 – Setting – Game play will take anywhere it does on the show.

7 – Cuts and Warnings – put all long posts under an LJ cut. All posts containing adult content or the potential for adult content must be labeled and under a cut.

8 – Tags – each character will be given a tag. Other tags include: active, adult content, violent content, finished…

9 – OOC Comm – You must post your bio to the OOC comm once it has been approved and tag the entry with your personal tag.

10 – Starting a thread – You need to post a note on the OOC, letting people know what the thread is about. If someone wants to join your IC thread, they will ask permission on the OOC post.